Our journey into the LED lighting industry started in 2012, offering professional LED lighting solutions. Since then, we have moved from strength-to-strength, designing and manufacturing super-efficient LED lighting products. This makes our lights long lasting and durable.

Our products pass through elaborate in-house R&D and design process along with extensive engineering tests. This rigorous cycle gives our products that unmatched quality, long lasting reliability, and efficiency.

Light is the essence of life and this simple truth is the foundation of Supra Energy. We seek to transform any space through futuristic and inventive lighting technology. Our lights are specifically designed for spaces such as retail stores which is our current focus, however we also cater to hotels, hospital, offices, restaurants and many more areas.

Mission & Vision

Vision - To be the new benchmark in the lighting industry.


To offer customers the best in class:-

  • Products that are most energy efficient, long lasting and affordable.
  • Solutions that are versatile and visually comforting.
  • Services that delight.


Noticeably and unnoticeably light impacts human and environmental health. This is why each of our lighting experience is meticulously designed by balancing the art and the ergonomics around it.

We believe in bringing the future of lighting for you. The key for this has always been originality, constant innovation, and passion for visually comforting well-lit spaces.

Combining science and human ingenuity we invest in understanding how every space can get perfect lighting. This inspires us to create perfectly smart lit environments that are more livable, workable and playable for you.